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Learnus Annual Lectures

Understanding Learning

Each year we invite an academic to speak about their research to a diverse audience of teachers, psychologists, educational neuroscientists and policy makers and to reflect on some of the implications the evidence has (or might have) for current and future policy as well as practice at the interface of education and cognitive neuroscience.
Learnus ASCL Conferences

Understanding Learning

The overall purpose of our one-day conferences is to provide the participants (a mix of teachers, psychologists and researchers) with up to date information and to consider how the science of understanding the brain might inform and influence practice in teaching and learning.

Understanding Learning

We interview leading academics about their work and the field of Educational Neuroscience.
Learnus Workshops
& Seminars


We collaborate with other organisations to present seminars and workshops that we consider useful and thought provoking.

Learnus Annual Lectures

Learnus Annual Lecture 2019 with Dr Duncan Astle

"Supporting Struggling Learners"

Beyond the label: Understanding why some kids struggle in school

Learnus Annual Lecture 2017 with Prof Daniel Ansari

"Building the Mathematical Brain"

Building blocks of mathematical competence: evidence from brain & behaviour

Learnus Annual Lecture 2016 with Prof Susan Gathercole OBE

"Diagnosis, which diagnosis?"

Pitfalls and prospects for supporting the struggling learner.

Learnus Annual Lecture 2015 with Prof Michael Thomas

"Genetics and Education"

This lecture explores the potential contribution of modern genetic methods and finds to education.

Learnus/ASCL Conferences

"FutureEd18" Conference

"Maximising the potential of the adolescent brain"

Prof Sophie Scott

"Communication & Laughter"

Geoff Barton

General Secretary ASCL opens the Conference

"FutureEd2017" Conference

"FutureEd17" Conference Trailer

"How Can Findings from Educational Neuroscience Reshape Teaching and Learning, now and in the Future?"

Prof Becky Francis

Director UCL Institute of Education

Opens the Conference

Prof Daphne Bavelier

Dept Psychology & Education Sciences University of Geneva

Action Video Games as an exemplary learning tool

Leora Cruddas

Director of Policy & Public Relations ASCL

The future has already arrived.  It's just not evenly distributed yet.

Prof Paul Howard-Jones

Graduate School of Education - University of Bristol

Implementing Educational Neuroscience for educational progress: Do we need an "Education first" approach?

Prof Denis Mareschal

Centre for Brain & Cognitive Development Birkbeck College

The UnLocke Project: From inhibition in the brain to math & science in the classroom

Dr Alice Jones

Director of Unit of School & Family Studies Goldsmiths College

Working Collaboratively in research-based education- an SEMH perspective

Tara Deakes

Deputy Head & Provisions Manager Westfield School

Working Collaboratively in research-based education- an SEMH perspective

Judith Enright

Head Teacher Queens Park Community School

How Can leaders move from 'What works?' to ' What works, how and why?'

Prof Michael Thomas

Professor of Cognituive Neuroscience Birkbeck University of London and Director of CEN

Reflections on the Conference

The Learnus Interviews

Prof Daniel Ansari

Professor of Psychology, Dept, of Psychology and Brain and Mind Institute, Western University

Sarah Jayne Blakemore

Professor of Cognitive Neuroscience, Deputy Director UCL Institute of Cognitive Neuroscience.

Workshops & Seminars

Prof Michael Thomas The Teenage Brain

Professor Thomas discusses old and new theories about cognitive and brain development in adolescence and how neuroscience has changed the debate.

Jonathan Hancock (Memory)

Jonathan Hancock explains how to equip student students with effective memory and learning techniques.