Communicating research to support the evolution of teaching

The science and art of reasoning

Professor Denis Mareschal

Centre for Brain and Cognitive Development, Department of Psychological Sciences, Birkbeck College, University of London

This workshop is part of a series exploring different aspects of our understanding of learning.  This event focuses on 'reasoning' which, in its broadest sense applies to learning in all subjects - language, mathematics, science, humanities and arts - but is it the same and how does it develop?

Workshop questions for discussion:

How does the functioning of the brain affect the ability to reason?

What influences our ability to think logically and solve problems successfully?

How do reasoning skills develop?

How can reasoning skills be improved?

What are the implications for teaching approaches?

To what extent are reasoning skills transferable?

15th October 2013

Nunn Hall
Institute of Education
University of London

Workshop Mediator
Derek Bell
Director of Learnus
Professor of Education, College of Teachers

This was the second workshop in a series entitled "understanding Learning - is it all in the brain?"